167: Hold My Mouth

Danny, Chris, and Yams kick back this week as they go over terrible beer names, a local strip club and their online reviews, and then forget how mouths work and what they are fully capable of.

Hold My Invisible Chris

The long lost third Mawenz finds his way back as the gang discuss super powers, Nick's ankles, and bringing back the Ernest movie franchise!

Hold My Comedian

Gracious Host, Chris, T.J., and Yams start talking and almost never stop. Football, wrestling,comedians, religion, beer, concerts, and a lot more are covered on this very free flowing episode of Hold My Beer.

Hold My Strip Club Life

The tri-pod reunites along side Yams, Robert, and Mr. Uppercrust, as they get one knuckle deeper into the holiday season as Yams goes into strange Christmas traditions from around the world, Danny gets bamboozled by the jolly man himself, and Robert throws out a porno related game. Enjoy, and remember #beerking