153: Hold My Tent

Danny is rocked by the revelation that there was a "raw dog" tent at previous Gathering of the Juggalos. Also, Chris discovered one of the more depressing Patreon pages on the internet.

Happy Yamsgiving 3 (Patriotic Cancer)

The Hold My Beer trio come together to celebrate Thanksgiving and the birthday of Yams. Along the way, a troll gets stabbed, odd eateries get discovered, headlines are discussed, and the gang plan out one last purge activity. Enjoy, and please rate and review on Apple Podcast!

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Hold My Sign

Kelly is back and the group discuss a recent trip the took to go see MC Chris, and Danny goes over some offensive signs taken to wrestling events.

Hold My Awful Waffle

The gang sit back and discuss an interview Danny did on Listennotes.com, cars, stamps, and much more. Kick back with H.M.B. and try your best to enjoy beer from Trouble Brewing co.

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Hosted by Danny Mawenz, Chris Mawenz, Yams, and Robert Folley

Hold My Beer Pope

Danny, Chris, and Yams discuss the most recent Chucky movies, Troll News, theoretical drunk spiritual leaders, and much more on this weeks episode of HMB.

Hold My Baked Potato

What happens when a cast member, and brother, losses everything...? Find out on this very important  episode of Hold My Beer!

Hold My Comedian

Gracious Host, Chris, T.J., and Yams start talking and almost never stop. Football, wrestling,comedians, religion, beer, concerts, and a lot more are covered on this very free flowing episode of Hold My Beer.

Slaughter in the Summer

True horror has returned to HMB this week as Graveyard Host welcomes the group with short scary stories, Crypt Keeper Chris has Dahmer news, Yams wants to play a game, and Boo-Radical talks breakfast.