Hold My Beer

177: Hold My Butt Hole

Chris gets a promotion as the O.G. Butter Gang discuss skipping sex, a certain orifice, cereal, a grenade selling thumb and pud pulling prime ape!

Hold My Gator

The core four reunite to talk cheap soda, freaky Florida news, and confrontations. Then the four try Da Bomb hot sauce... and share their thoughts.

Hold My Toast (The Angry American)

“I feel like the devil has been around since before sliced bread. So, therefore, I feel like it’s more hip to like sliced bread.”

Hold My Sneaky Tiki 2 (Standing Outside the Fire)

The H.M.B. trio discuss the proper ways to take out Taylor Swift, the right and wrong ways to rob a bank, and the sad sex life of Gracious Host.

Hold My Language

B-Rad joins the group to discuss Troll news, words with different meanings, and celebrities that have been in Playboy magazine.

Hold My America

Be America with us as we discuss fireworks and freedom!!

Hold My Teddy Bush

T.J. played some shows, some people got murdered, some beers got drank, and some laughs were had.

Hold My Ham

Kelly calls in to discuss good advice from bad people, three different beers, and so much more. Contact us at realhmbpodcast@gmail.com Please enjoy responsibly.