Hold My Toast (The Angry American)

“I feel like the devil has been around since before sliced bread. So, therefore, I feel like it’s more hip to like sliced bread.”

Hold My Sneaky Tiki 2 (Standing Outside the Fire)

The H.M.B. trio discuss the proper ways to take out Taylor Swift, the right and wrong ways to rob a bank, and the sad sex life of Gracious Host.

Hold My Language

B-Rad joins the group to discuss Troll news, words with different meanings, and celebrities that have been in Playboy magazine.

Hold My Wrestling

B-Rad joins the HMB gang to go over odd wrestling facts, cook books that shouldn't exist, and three different beers. Enjoy and please rate and review.  

Hold My Good Boy

B-rad joins the gang to discuss rare flavors of Faygo, Playboy, odd animal hybrids, and lastly, a demon that made a man go cross eyed!

Hold My Teddy Bush

T.J. played some shows, some people got murdered, some beers got drank, and some laughs were had.