180: Hold My Butterfly Blood

Udder Sucker joins the gang to briefly cover his experience at the 2019 Gathering of the Juggalos as the gang guess the price on bizarre sex toys, talk goth, and and rate the top fifteen independent rappers.

158: Hold My Butter Gang

The crew have been at it for three years now, so they celebrate with two beer reviews and so much more. Danny brings a game that Yams hates, there's a lot of Butter Gang talk, news, death, and a juggalo related scheme.

Hold My Nebraska

Robert joins the gang for what could be the last time as they discuss cryptids and Nebraska. Yams has troll news and Danny cleaned up death.

Hold My Vacation

Yams goes over his recent vacation, Chris and Danny have related news stories, and B-Rad went to a beer festival.

Hold My 100 Proof

The gang sit back and celebrate a milestone with beer, news, a lying potato, and learning how to be better.

Ho Ho Hold My Beer

It's Christmas time again for the HMB gang as they sing, rank the top 20 worst Christmas songs, and read off Santa related crimes.

A Boozie Twozie Christmas

The holidays are back and so is a Boozie Coozie Christmas as the gang discuss the best Christmas movies and the worst crimes... And there's a clown.

Hold My Beautiful People

Nick returns for the first time in a year, as the gang discuss their Thanksgiving, news articles, and how the wrong Manson died.