Hold My Sirloin Pit

The HMB gang sat down Christmas night to discuss their personal holiday events, a British woman eating her mother's ashes, and much more.

Ho Ho Hold My Beer

It's Christmas time again for the HMB gang as they sing, rank the top 20 worst Christmas songs, and read off Santa related crimes.

Hold My Merry Manson

The gang discuss pickled foods, Christmas traditions, and the "Mothacluckin' Family Meal Deal!" Also, find out why people hate Gas City, Indiana, and how Manson makes his music.

Hold My Strip Club Life

The tri-pod reunites along side Yams, Robert, and Mr. Uppercrust, as they get one knuckle deeper into the holiday season as Yams goes into strange Christmas traditions from around the world, Danny gets bamboozled by the jolly man himself, and Robert throws out a porno related game. Enjoy, and remember #beerking