Ho Ho Hold My Beer

It's Christmas time again for the HMB gang as they sing, rank the top 20 worst Christmas songs, and read off Santa related crimes.

Hold My Houdini

The Mawenz boys are joined this week by Kelly, Robert, and Yams in what is sure to be the loudest and most offensive episode in Hold My Beer's short history. Hear small town tales about Yams' tough day at work, genital jewelry, strip clubs, and what is possibly the best magic trick ever. Subscribe and tell your friends, if not, you'll know what Nick-E Mawenz will do to your sister... and you.

Hold My Politics and Poltergeists

The tribe called Mawenz is joined once again by Yams. Hear tales of a politician's trip to our home town, true crimes including priests and homeless people, and as a bonus, Chris forces everyone to try a less than favorable beverage in his new segment, Hold My Beer Review, where, shockingly, we review a beer.