small town tales

Hold My Cereal Bowl

Yams destroys the minds of Chris, Danny, and Robert by bringing the podcast to a halt and making them watch a specific video. They also discuss the Mayweather vs Mcgregor fight.

Hold My Politics and Poltergeists

The tribe called Mawenz is joined once again by Yams. Hear tales of a politician's trip to our home town, true crimes including priests and homeless people, and as a bonus, Chris forces everyone to try a less than favorable beverage in his new segment, Hold My Beer Review, where, shockingly, we review a beer.

Hold My Yams

James... or was it Yames? No, no, no, it was Yams.... Either way, our favorite could be trailer park super hero joins the Mawenz Boyz on this weeks episode of Hold My Beer. Hear tales of previous adventures and James admitting to doing mean things while assuring everyone that he was a very nice person. Feel free to rate us on the ole iTunes.