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Hold My Tip

Toon returns to talk about the Attack of the Ninja concert that three out of the four H.M.B. member attended. Danny runs a game where the others must guess which wrestlers were real. Also, Yams has Troll news and a trivia game of his own. Enjoy and please rate and review.

Hold My Metal

The original Hold My Beer podcast goes through the most offensive metal band names, T.J.'s new job, and naked people. You can contact us at

Hold My Nebraska

Robert joins the gang for what could be the last time as they discuss cryptids and Nebraska. Yams has troll news and Danny cleaned up death.

Hold My New Year 2 (Life is F***)

The gang sit down and go over headlines, lame holidays, Troll news, and so much more for the first episode of 2018.

Hold My Party With Marty

Chris brought a story about a professional wrestler trying to have sex with his "been daughter," and then there's bird talk.

Hold My Cereal Bowl

Yams destroys the minds of Chris, Danny, and Robert by bringing the podcast to a halt and making them watch a specific video. They also discuss the Mayweather vs Mcgregor fight.