162: Hold My 765

Nick and Toon are back. Honestly, the group just hung out and happened to record themselves having fun. And fun they did have!

Hold My Closet

The group discuss a very odd tale of revenge, in which, a troll stabs himself. Also, there are funny porn names, aliens, personal dinning stories, and so much more. Enjoy and feel free to rate and review! For everything Hold My Beer, head over to There, you can hit the contact link to send us anything you want. Enjoy, and as always, we'll hold your beer.

Hold My Beer Pope

Danny, Chris, and Yams discuss the most recent Chucky movies, Troll News, theoretical drunk spiritual leaders, and much more on this weeks episode of HMB.

Hold My Host Appreciation

The Mawenz Boys are going back to their roots this week as Kelly and Yams join them. Chris and Kelly start off with bad jokes, before Yams is given a catch phrase that he is forced to use. It's a full 6-pack this episode, containing two games, and home grown serial killers.