funny news stories

Hold My Horse

The gang sit down to go over many different news headlines, before discuss world records and which ones we would like to set. Also, some one picked up a horse and it blew our minds!

Hold My Hammer

The gang tackle more headlines, personal stories, and odd facts this week as the review 2 Hats lime beer. 
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Nightmare In The New Year 2 (intelligent death)

The gang gather once again to satisfy their love of all things scary on this years addition of a Nightmare in the New Year. Danny reads short horror stories, Chris reads serial killer's thoughts on killing, Yams and B-Rad bring mysteries, and Kelly coins the most offensive phrase ever. Enjoy and please rate and review on Apple Podcasts!

Hold My Toys

Yams reads off the most searched terms on Google, Danny brings a game that brings up toys from our youths, and Chris goes over some weird new articles. 

Hold My Sirloin Pit

The HMB gang sat down Christmas night to discuss their personal holiday events, a British woman eating her mother's ashes, and much more.

A Boozie Twozie Christmas

The holidays are back and so is a Boozie Coozie Christmas as the gang discuss the best Christmas movies and the worst crimes... And there's a clown.

Hold My Merry Manson

The gang discuss pickled foods, Christmas traditions, and the "Mothacluckin' Family Meal Deal!" Also, find out why people hate Gas City, Indiana, and how Manson makes his music.

Hold My Beer Pope

Danny, Chris, and Yams discuss the most recent Chucky movies, Troll News, theoretical drunk spiritual leaders, and much more on this weeks episode of HMB.