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168: Hold My New Jack

Toon returns this episode as the group discuss facebook posts that make everyone cringe, wrestlers that have committed various crimes, a flying turtle, beer, movies, and so much more.

Hold My Tip

Toon returns to talk about the Attack of the Ninja concert that three out of the four H.M.B. member attended. Danny runs a game where the others must guess which wrestlers were real. Also, Yams has Troll news and a trivia game of his own. Enjoy and please rate and review.

Hold My Real One

The HMB trio strikes again this week as they review beer and rap songs performed by professional wrestlers. Including a serious reading of Real1's lyrics from his latest musical abortion.

Hold My Stop and Jerk

The gang start off by talking Wrestlemania, then switch to the weirdest drive-thru markets, review Bud Light Orange, and mech more.
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Hold My Ravaged Flamingo (Marty Hard)

The HMB gang discuss a shameful moment in Yams' life, the social media low points in a pro wrestlers life, and a bird related crime.

Hold My Beer Pope

Danny, Chris, and Yams discuss the most recent Chucky movies, Troll News, theoretical drunk spiritual leaders, and much more on this weeks episode of HMB.

Hold My Jugga-Toast

The HMB gang start off by discovering a bright side to Yams losing everything in a house fire and discover that Kelly would rather go to a coat factory than record. Juggalo news, Ric Flair's sex life, Fat Head's beer, cereal, attempted murder, and a sex robot are all discussed on this fine episode of Hold My Beer. If you would like to help Yams/James rebuild his home be support him at

Hold My Baked Potato

What happens when a cast member, and brother, losses everything...? Find out on this very important  episode of Hold My Beer!