162: Hold My 765

Nick and Toon are back. Honestly, the group just hung out and happened to record themselves having fun. And fun they did have!

Hold My Blow

Toon and T.J. return to discuss how they would react if the purge was real, how they would ruin each others wishes, and a very long weekend.

Hold My Horse

The gang sit down to go over many different news headlines, before discuss world records and which ones we would like to set. Also, some one picked up a horse and it blew our minds!

Hold My Metal

The original Hold My Beer podcast goes through the most offensive metal band names, T.J.'s new job, and naked people. You can contact us at

Hold My Sign

Kelly is back and the group discuss a recent trip the took to go see MC Chris, and Danny goes over some offensive signs taken to wrestling events.

Hold My Horror 2 (Super Crotch)

It's Halloween time one day late on HMB this week as B-Radical takes us back in time, Chris has serial killers with dumb names, and the gang go through their first ever Triple Barrel Beer Review! Tacocat! Old Chub! Beerito!