162: Hold My 765

Nick and Toon are back. Honestly, the group just hung out and happened to record themselves having fun. And fun they did have!

Hold My Metal

The original Hold My Beer podcast goes through the most offensive metal band names, T.J.'s new job, and naked people. You can contact us at

Hold My Home Intruder

Hold My Beer declares itself the second best podcast in Indiana, as Yams takes control of the first half and details a home intrusion. Then Chris brings up a Juggalo inspired cookbook.

Hold My Nebraska

Robert joins the gang for what could be the last time as they discuss cryptids and Nebraska. Yams has troll news and Danny cleaned up death.

Hold My Lamp

This episode truly involves everything. The gang drink Ivory Stout, talk porn, body hair, Roots, lamps, and mos things thinkable.  

Hold My Gold

Danny, Chris, and Yams start off by complaining about last weeks episode and how they'd shoot themselves. Topics range from music, to beer, to criminals, and Austin Powers.

A Boozie Twozie Christmas

The holidays are back and so is a Boozie Coozie Christmas as the gang discuss the best Christmas movies and the worst crimes... And there's a clown.

Hold My Beautiful People

Nick returns for the first time in a year, as the gang discuss their Thanksgiving, news articles, and how the wrong Manson died.