Hold My Skate

Toon returns to try a very unpleasant hot sauce as the group go over the scariest movies of all time, odd dreams they have had, and lame cryptids.

Hold My Good Boy

B-rad joins the gang to discuss rare flavors of Faygo, Playboy, odd animal hybrids, and lastly, a demon that made a man go cross eyed!

Hold My Impression

The HMB gang sit back as Yams gets angry, Danny talks about the Beast of Busco, Chris talks about crime and then does a perfect impression of B-Rad.

Hold My Politics and Poltergeists

The tribe called Mawenz is joined once again by Yams. Hear tales of a politician's trip to our home town, true crimes including priests and homeless people, and as a bonus, Chris forces everyone to try a less than favorable beverage in his new segment, Hold My Beer Review, where, shockingly, we review a beer.