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Happy Yamsgiving 3 (Patriotic Cancer)

The Hold My Beer trio come together to celebrate Thanksgiving and the birthday of Yams. Along the way, a troll gets stabbed, odd eateries get discovered, headlines are discussed, and the gang plan out one last purge activity. Enjoy, and please rate and review on Apple Podcast!

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Hold My Vato

The HMB trio discuss biker gangs, ninja turtle boxing matches, Larry the Cable Guy breaking someone's arm, and multiple other headlines.

Hold My Juggalo Education

Toon joins the gang for the first time this week and discusses a road trip he recently took to buy the beer that is reviewed in this episode. Also, Chris makes sure every body is up to snuff on their Juggalo trivia.

Hold My Vacation

Yams goes over his recent vacation, Chris and Danny have related news stories, and B-Rad went to a beer festival.

Hold My 100 Proof

The gang sit back and celebrate a milestone with beer, news, a lying potato, and learning how to be better.

Hold My Alabama

The gang kick back as Danny yells about events around his house and stupid criminals, review two different beers, and Yams makes it a little too real.

Hold My New Year 2 (Life is F***)

The gang sit down and go over headlines, lame holidays, Troll news, and so much more for the first episode of 2018.