Hold My Tip

Toon returns to talk about the Attack of the Ninja concert that three out of the four H.M.B. member attended. Danny runs a game where the others must guess which wrestlers were real. Also, Yams has Troll news and a trivia game of his own. Enjoy and please rate and review.

Hold My Awful Waffle

The gang sit back and discuss an interview Danny did on Listennotes.com, cars, stamps, and much more. Kick back with H.M.B. and try your best to enjoy beer from Trouble Brewing co.

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Hosted by Danny Mawenz, Chris Mawenz, Yams, and Robert Folley

Hold My Ravaged Flamingo (Marty Hard)

The HMB gang discuss a shameful moment in Yams' life, the social media low points in a pro wrestlers life, and a bird related crime.

Slaughter in the Summer

True horror has returned to HMB this week as Graveyard Host welcomes the group with short scary stories, Crypt Keeper Chris has Dahmer news, Yams wants to play a game, and Boo-Radical talks breakfast.