Hold My Blow

Toon and T.J. return to discuss how they would react if the purge was real, how they would ruin each others wishes, and a very long weekend.

Hold My Teddy Bush

T.J. played some shows, some people got murdered, some beers got drank, and some laughs were had.

Hold My Honky Kong

The HMB gang sits back to bring the scary, and fail hilariously. Yams discusses possible dating prospects for Troll and B-Rad talks about a demon house as Danny yells about the G.O.A.T. and Chris dies.

Hold My Jugga-Toast

The HMB gang start off by discovering a bright side to Yams losing everything in a house fire and discover that Kelly would rather go to a coat factory than record. Juggalo news, Ric Flair's sex life, Fat Head's beer, cereal, attempted murder, and a sex robot are all discussed on this fine episode of Hold My Beer. If you would like to help Yams/James rebuild his home be support him at

Hold My Hotdogs and Suicide

Robert once again joins Yams and the brothers as Chris takes too much joy in reading one sentence suicide notes, and discovering a list stating that they know they know the best songs to kill yourself to. Also, there's a chili dog related murder ripped from the news. If you're feeling suicidal, we would like to suggest that you get help.