pass that

189: Hold My Dikki Belle

The HMB gang Enter Night on this episode as they sample Metallica's new beer, discuss a granny that ate people, local restaurant reviews, and Danny yells about wrestling again...

187: Hold My Juggalo Prom

An early start and a spicy cider has the boys spinning this week as the start off with a long intro before briefly going over they're one run in with Sid Haigs, covering the real life version on the horror movie Orphan, and discovering the upcoming Juggalo Prom!

186: Hold My Club for Gentlemen

Shawn returns to the table in this hilarious episode of HMB. Behold a drive by fruiting, a less than pleasurable club experience, and Chris' hatred of scarves. This episode is #litfam

185: Hold My Sneeze

In a crossover with HMB and the upcoming Pass That hosted by Toon, Chris and Danny find them selves outnumbered. The group discuss odd soda flavors and even more odd methods of sneezing.

177: Hold My Butt Hole

Chris gets a promotion as the O.G. Butter Gang discuss skipping sex, a certain orifice, cereal, a grenade selling thumb and pud pulling prime ape!