Robert Folley

Episode 68- Top 5 Fictional Worlds: Danny Gets Woke

On this episode of Then & Now, Robert and Danny are joined by the other Mawenz brother, Chris, to discuss their top 5 fictional worlds they would want to live in. They also discuss starter Pokemon. Danny gets woke, and discusses a new form of currency. Robert gets angry… again.


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Episode 62 - Top 5 video game villains: I’m a true artist.

What is a hero without his villain? Robert and Danny list the bad guys they love to hate. They talk about some bad movies.  Robert talks about the middle school that they went to.  Robert reminds Danny of his dumb fingers. 


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Episode 60 - Free for All: The Planet has a Penis!

In this episode, Robert and Danny celebrate Mothers day. And they end with a spoiler talk on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Although Danny spoils one thing before that. 


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